Review of events

Public events:  Concert and talk on History of Tango

On Saturday afternoon, 10 November, 2018, Máximo gave a talk on the “History of Tango”,  illustrated with live and recorded musical examples, and dancers from Cambridge Tango Academy.  He explored the origins of Tango (1880-1930), discussed the “Golden Age” of Tango (1930-1950) and ended with a review of Tango today, illustrating each of these periods with musical examples.

In the evening concert, Máximo played his own compositions as well as music by some of the “Fathers” of the Argentinian Guitar, such as Atahualpa Yupanqui.  He repeated the concert at West Sussex on Sunday 11 November. (See here for recordings of Máximo’s performance at the Cambridge concert.)

Review in Cambridge Independent

The talk and the concert were reviewed in the Cambridge Independent.  You can catch up with the review here.

School workshop and master classes:

During the visit in Cambridge, Máximo led a short series of ensemble sessions with young guitarists at The Perse School.  These sessions were  not open to the public, but you can find a review on the website of The Perse.

Finally, there were two sets of master classes with a range of guitarists of all ages and from across Cambridgeshire (and further afield).